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The Soul calling for change for a spiritual New Tomorrow



"Awaken to a higher spiritual consciousness and empowerment of soul and spirit."

- H.H. Alexandra



Those who live in compassion, share in peace  

- H.H. Alexandra H.

















































































































































































































The Cosmic Energy Experience is an extraordinary live stage production intended for stadiums that will bring Reverend Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah's powerful message of change, hope and soul empowerment to humankind globally.  It will bring together people of all races, creeds, colours and religious or spiritual beliefs in order to create a world of compassion, kindness and respect.





H. H. Alexandra



About The Cosmic Energy Experience

What is H.H. Alexandra's Vision and Mission?

The vision of Her Holiness Alexandra, creator and founder of The Cosmic Energy Experience, is of a new tomorrow -  a world where humanity lives in peace, harmony and spiritual attunement, where respect exists for all of creation, where global suffering is eliminated and dignity is restored for the disenfranchised, and where true soul growth is facilitated.  

The mission of The Cosmic Energy Experience is to create the largest global change and peace movement ever under taken, to raise the social consciousness of humanity into social responsibility and to educate, enlighten and empower the masses to effect change for the betterment of themselves, mother earth and all of humanity.

What is The Cosmic Energy Experience?

There are many people, who love the theatre and delight in escaping reality for a few hours. But imagine a one-of-a-kind live stage production intended for the masses that is so empowering that it not only makes a difference in peoples lives, but also effects change globally - a production that tours major cities around the world and plays in huge stadiums to overflowing audiences.

This production is called The Cosmic Energy Experience and is aimed at raising the social consciousness of humanity and reaching a state of worldwide peace. Music, dance, drumming, visual presentations, and special effects are intertwined with the powerful message delivered by Her Holiness, who is the heart of the production. People are alerted to what is happening in the world today, awakened to what the future holds, and enlightened and empowered as to how they can effect change for the betterment of themselves, the earth, and all its inhabitants. The message is of hope through change, as the time has come when mankind can no longer continue on its current destructive path. The production brings together people of many nationalities, reflecting their diversity of culture and demonstrating the ability of all people to join hands in a common humanitarian effort. 

The Cosmic Energy Experience creates a powerful, interactive celebration that will uplift the spirit and provide a sense of well-being to all in attendance. Its intent is to unite people all over the world, to banish religious bigotry, to help the disenfranchised globally, and to see self-esteem and dignity returned to the masses. 

The Cosmic Energy Experience will benefit humanity in a way that has never been undertaken before!

How was it conceived?

The Cosmic Energy Experience was conceived by Her Holiness Alexandra in 1979.  With an eye on the future, she recognized the need to awaken people to global realities and the need for change.  For more than fifty years she has foretold of the challenging times which lie ahead in the new millennium and alerted people that they must become aware for they have the ability, en mass, to change the very course of the future.  She was also aware that there would be an opportune time to go out into the world with her message  - a time when people would recognize that their most important treasure is their spiritual self.  That time is now for people are ready to hear and act on a message of global respect and true spiritual awakening, thus creating a world where individuals have control over their own destiny.   People are now ready for the largest movement for global change and world peace ever undertaken.

Her Holiness developed a powerful, one-of-a-kind live stage production that will be the vehicle to empower people and effect change globally - a production that will tour cities from one end of the earth to the other.

Has The Cosmic Energy Experience production ever been staged?

Yes.  Her Holiness Alexandra successfully piloted The Cosmic Energy Experience  in Vancouver, Canada.  

What are the plans for The Cosmic Energy Experience? 

We, those who volunteer with Her Holiness, are in the process of raising funds to launch the production.  

The full-blown production of The Cosmic Energy Experience  will tour for a minimum of seven years and adjust and shift to continue beyond that, all the while building and maintaining the movement for global change/world peace.   

Once touring globally, The Cosmic Energy Experience  will generate revenues which, in turn, will allow it to support numerous humanitarian ventures, including centres for the disenfranchised in each city to which it travels. These will be unique, multi-faceted, non-profit centres which are run for the people and by the people - designed to be self-supporting and to operate independent of government services - able to address the needs of those in dire situations and at the same time dedicated to helping people regain their livelihoods, dignity and self-esteem. 

Please Note:  A message from the volunteers who work with H.H. Alexandra.  Her Holiness  has been recuperating from a serious motor vehicle accident (for which she was not at fault).  She does continue to post to her blog and offer insights and teachings in this way for the time being.  Please stay tuned for updates.  

Can you get involved?

Yes!   We'd love to hear from you. 

We are looking for people who:

  • can help us with fundraising

  • have experience and expertise in the planning, production, directing, staging and promotion of large productions

  • are great networkers and social media whizzes

  • are entertainers who are spiritually inclined and want to be part of bringing about massive change (musicians, singers, dancers)

How do you get in touch? 

If you have interest in getting involved, please contact us at ahtmar1@thecosmicenergyexperience.com.  





A Message from Her Holiness 

"THIS IS NOT A RELIGION!  This is not something new.  It is reactivation of a way of peaceful and harmonious existence - a way of life that is more than 10,000 years old.  It is bringing back ancient wisdom from the time that followed the last major polar shift, long predating religions of today such as Christianity, Islam and new Buddhism.  This is about helping people to come into total spiritual awakening, balance and empowerment. 

We work to break down the barriers of hatred, racism, prejudice and religious intolerance.  Most religions and cults entrap and control.  Owning one's own spirituality is the only way.  Spirituality exists in the hearts and souls of mankind.  I believe in the empowerment of the individual to seek his/her highest spiritual path and to create leaders, not followers. This is your soul's journey. You need only awaken to it and your own divinity."

 - H.H. Alexandra H.





Calling all Women

Her Holiness says that now is the time of the dynasty of women in thethe heavenly realms.  With her birth and coming into physical being, began the journey to bring about change and force an end of hellish conditions for women and their families upon the planet. 

This gives those in the heavens, including the Ethereans, great pleasure as they have seen and experienced what exists on this planet.  Her Holiness' arrival and installment as the long awaited one is accepted by all saintly beings for this coming Aquarian age.  

She says, "It is time to open the hearts of all women, young and old - of all races, creeds and colours - to join together and use Etherean powers and heavenly blessings to work for healing upon the planet and to create peace amongst all life here.  It is time that all racism, hatred, abuse and religious bigotry ends.  Reach out and become like one to serve Creator.  Be saints.  I urge all good men to join the women, wherever they may be, to bring peace. "





As a child, little Alexandra Hehpsehboah was isolated, used relentlessly for her prophetic abilities and then tormented for knowing too much. Enduring daily beatings, she finally escaped at age 19. The gentle spiritual being who came to the planet to help mankind became a victim of even more horrendous abuse  - escalating into torture and attempted murder. 

Yet, through it all her compassion and unconditional love for mankind has never wavered and she has worked tirelessly to help countless millions, while advocating as well for mother earth.  Kind souls rejoice at meeting her and are thankful for the information she shares about themselves and the world, and for the spontaneous healings they receive when in her energy.  The spiritually evolved recognize the gold light that emanates from her. 

Today, as a renowned spiritual leader and a spiritual mother for the masses, she reaches out to raise awareness, effect change, help bring about peace and elevate people into their own spiritual empowerment.  She is known as the Mother to Humanity, Mother of Compassion and Prophet of Peace. 

To learn more about H.H. Alexandra, please visit the Saoshyant website

To read her regular posts, please follow her BLOG.





The Saoshyant



from Creator


Divine Spiritual leader for  Zarathustians


First Lady Prophet of Zarathustrians in 12,000 years


Thunderbird Woman


Om Shree Shanti A Deva Dutta


Prophet of Peace


Mother to Humanity


Mother of Compassion


Spiritual Reformer


Spiritual Healer






Called her "The Greatest Prophet Alive" 

Compared her with Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr

Dubbed  her "The Little  Prophet Extraordinaire" during WWII



"In the Eye of the Creator, we are all the same and seek to live in peace."













































































































































































































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